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Boy Scouts of America are recruitment platform to create brain washed Occult following Illuminati servants.

With 1.6 million members & 470,000 leaders in 50,000 packs, it appears to be an incredible force for good but this organization has a dark side that they dont want you to know about!  But how many genuine forces for good are there in this world? This evil organization has secret handshakes and hand signals and forces children to repetitively chant their propaganda slogans. Like most major institutions, the Boy Scouts appears to have been subverted by Freemasonry, which has a hidden agenda of promoting homosexuality and denying God.
Boy scout password protected site, has a syllabus regarding the origins of the Order of the arrow, and scripts from original ceremonies.  These included "blood oaths", later changed to a verbal oath; it included sort of a baptism ritual and clearly stated to "cleanse of evil and selfishness" and many other things that we consider demonic.
The founder of BSA was Daniel Carter Beard. He'd started a organization along similar lines to Baden Powell a few years before Powell, and the story goes he liked Powell's version he merged his "Boy Pioneers" with British International. However, BSA has it's own 'provincial' characteristics. Baden-Powell (22 Feb. 1857–8 Jan. 1941) joined the army in 1876 (21). Despite doing badly at school he came second in the army exams, bypassed the officer training, soon became an Honorary Colonel in India and eventually become a Major-General (43). In 1896 Baden-Powell was returning from the Ashanti expedition on West Africa’s Gold Coast (later Ghana) with the Ashanti Star (1895–96) under his belt. He located two 16-year-old Irish soldiers, accused them of cowardice, tied their hands behind their backs, told everyone he was going to interrogate them, cleared the carriage, sodomised the two bound 16-year-old Irish soldiers, then shot them both in the back of the head, dead. Robert Baden-Powell was 39. At first Robert Baden-Powell was awarded the Matabele Campaign Medal (1896–97) but was then banished from England. He clawed his way back into society, was promoted to the highest ranking secular position in England, then elevated to Sir in 1909, Baronet in 1922, Baron in 1929 and then Lord the same year.---Stalin's British Training by Greg Hallett As you see from the link Beard was a Freemason. My take on these orgs is that word came down from the Capstone that a boys organization should be created to acquaint youth in Britain, America, and the Commonwealth with the basics of military life. Any organization created by serious Freemasons is going to have a outer organization of members with a central core 'order'.
(Freemasonry is empowered by cabalist central banking families who wish to redefine reality and hijack mankind. Evidence of their power is the modern discomfort with using the term "God" which denotes the natural and moral order, truth and ultimate reality.) Scouting's national honor society "recognizing Boy Scouts who best exemplify the Scout Oath and Law in their daily lives" is a Masonic secret society called the "Order of the Arrow." It has more than 180,000 members in "lodges" affiliated with more than 300 BSA local councils. The Boy Scouts must ensure that their commendable work does not provide cover & recruits for the Masonic agenda. THE ORDER OF THE ARROW Lucifer recruits mankind using a combination of deception and seduction. Freemasonry is the Church of Lucifer, which is the real "religion" of (post-Enlightenment) Western "civilization." It operates under many banners: Liberalism, Socialism, Zionism, Communism, Fascism, Feminism and "gay rights." Like all of the above, Freemasonry is a secret society, i.e. the membership is deceived as to the true agenda. The lower three "Blue Degrees" are fed platitudes about charity and making good men better. But, in reality, only the corruptible advance. Our whole society is based on this model which explains why our leaders, both political and cultural, have abandoned us. Thus, it is quite likely that the Boy Scouts of America represent the innocent Blue Degrees. It is possible that "The Order of the Arrow" represents a recruitment pool for Freemasonry and ultimately other things. John Salza is a former 32 degree Freemason and the author of the book "Freemasonry Unmasked." He has written an essay about the OA entitled "Freemasonry has Infiltrated the Boy Scouts." The OA was founded in 1915 by two 32 degree Freemasons and its rituals are patterned on Masonic rituals. Both have three degrees; both are organized into lodges, both rituals seek esoteric spiritual knowledge and illumination. Candidates are conducted around the lodge while bound by a rope. Salza writes:"These rituals--which include a blood covenant are being conferred upon innocent boy scouts...and are harming their souls. [This information] comes from a scout who has experienced demonic spiritual manifestations after his initiation into OA." America's youths are being inducted into an occult secret society by stealth means. Scouts and Masons will deny there is anything wrong but this only proves their gullibility and venality. The BSA is doing the exact opposite of what it claims. Scout Gestapo

Boy Scouts Train to Become Homeland Gestapo

Now the Boy Scouts have a new mission — fighting terrorism, rounding up illegal aliens, search and destroying marijuana fields, and embracing the SWAT mentality.   Homeland Security and the FBI are behind the effort to indoctrinate and train the Boy Scouts to become tomorrow’s Gestapo. “Our end goal is to create more agents,” April McKee, a senior Border Patrol agent, told the New York Times. “Before it was more about the basics,” said Johnny Longoria, a Border Patrol agent. “But now our emphasis is on terrorism, illegal entry, drugs and human smuggling.”  SWAT Scouts will be called to deal with those who refuse to participate in mandatory vaccinations. Police state Scouts will be the vanguard for Obama’s million-man Civilian National Security Corps. “just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded” as the military.

Obama Youth: Homeland Security Wants To Recruit Girl Scouts

New program follows similar DHS initiative that trains Boy Scouts to kill disgruntled American citizens!

The secret behind the meaning of the new hand salute is introduced by‘Hunger Games’. Its actual dynamic meaning has been reversed engineered on Tuesday evening 5-8-2012.  This comes after the original blog article appeared in which I deciphered Hunger Games for Occult messages.

Companion article: See The Hunger (Hunter) Games: Children are gladiators under Occult rule posted on 4 -30-2012 for an in depth discussion of the entire symbolic references to the neo-Nazi resurgence.

Not only is the Girl Scout salute the obvious prelude to Hitler’s youth movement submission to fascism,

“The United States wants to enlist its 3.4 million Girl Scouts in the effort to combat hurricanes, pandemics, terror attacks and other disasters. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) launched a campaign Tuesday to entice the blue, brown and green-clad multitudes to be even more prepared, with the promise of a new patch if they pitch in,” reports AFP.
The girls will be allowed to emblazon their sashes or vests with the new DHS patch if they complete training courses, according to the article.
The news that Girl Scouts are to be recruited for disaster preparedness by the federal government follows similar programs being run by the DHS that train Boy Scouts how to conduct armed raids on discontented American citizens, described as “terrorists” and “drug dealers” by Homeland Security.

When Jordan Maxwell thought his life was in danger

for revealing the rising sun sign during an interview with Alex Jones (it was to be disclosed for the public anyway when the New World Order was rounding the bend), it was not a dangerous action of whistle-blowing.  prisonplanet / infowars already knew this fact.  Maxwell’s ego bubble when interviewed was burst.. a little lost pride, but at least Maxwell did his best to inform the public of the NWO.  This hand sign is different, however, in that it is not a water fountain point of contention in a show of intellectual prowess.  It is imperative that you know of its lethal intent and that because it will be used wrongly will be as destructive as Tesla ingenuity that was intended to increase the quality of our lives now used against us.

In the world of the Occult

Pictured is a mural painted on the west face of the Girl Scouts of America building in Tucson, Arizona.  I’m sleeping in an alley (because I’m being tracked by you know who) a block away and my answer to cracking the lid off the Global takeover was a hop-skip and a jump away.

It is known that the basketball, football, baseball, or whatever object of ‘desire’ used in a championship game is taken and stored somewhere in the archives of the Elite.  It is there that the secret societal members surround themselves with its ‘power’ often during occult rituals.  The collective  thought energies from the spectators who focused on the object to go through the hoop, across the goal, or over the wall is contained within the object.  This should sound quite absurd to those who don’t understand these principles, but for those of us who have experienced black magic, seen it in practice, or have had spells cast upon them will identify. [youtube]
topic image Monday, Mar 7, 2005, at 01:59 AM  Mormon Scouting Is A Joke, And Not Even A Good One 
BOY SCOUTS  Total Articles: 14  Mormonism has morphed the Boy Scouts into a religious organization in which they use to indoctrinate the young men into a lifetime of church membership. Awards and rewards are based on Mormon Priesthood rules and regulations. More emphasis is placed on indoctrination and obedience to the Mormon Gospel. Young men are accelerated through the program faster than boys outside the Mormon controlled BSA. Mormon boys can receive an Eagle Award simply by placing bags on neighbor doors to collect food for homeless shelters. Women are not allowed to participate (except as "Den Mother") - in fact, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints does not have a Girl Scouting program. PLEASE NOTE: If you have reached this page from an outside source such as an Internet Search or forum referral, please note that this page (the one you just landed on) is an archive containing articles on "BOY SCOUTS". This website, The Mormon Curtain - is a website that blogs the Ex-Mormon world. You can read The Mormon Curtain FAQ to understand the purpose of this website. ⇒  CLICK HERE to visit the main page of The Mormon Curtain.
So what more do you need to know about the Scouts   NLP Introduction to NeuroLinguistic Programs (NLP)  the Boy Scouts of America are recruitment platform to create brain washed Occult following Illuminati servants. The Cult Scouts of America Keep your children away from this Occultism and organization unless you want to have them brain washed.
What is happening in the Boy Scouts is happening in society at large. Churches, political parties, the YMCA, the media, schools --no institution is immune.
Mankind is satanically possessed, and is being inducted into a satanic cult through sex, violence, money, drugs, secret societies or media-induced panic or psychosis. Movies today are mostly mindless killing and mayhem, apocalyptic catastrophe and pornographic sadism.
The Illuminati (the highest rung of Cabalistic Freemasonry)  intends to degrade mankind and deliver us to Lucifer as Tribute. This is what they mean by "change." They spit in the face of God and much of mankind seems only too willing to go along.

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  3. I am a member. My recollection of the induction ceremony is really hazy probably because you are forced to fast after sleeping in the open (it rained very hard too). Then you do hard labor . You cannot speak it is forbidden.
    When we passed the 24 hour ordeal we were blindfolded and bound and taken across a bridge and brought to grove where a HUGE bonfire was burning. The ceremony had a lot of Native American stuff. We were all given a pass code and some salutes etc. it is all very hazy. I'm a Christian now. Baptized and all. But I suffered from tons of demonic activity all my life after that until the very say that I was baptized. Then it stopped for good. The whole thing is creepy and bad news.

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